A History of Meat

by Katie Cook


The House of Prime Rib in the 1950 movie D.O.A. Photo from ReelSF

Dining at the House of Prime Rib (Or The HOPR as my friends and I affectionately call it) is an annual tradition. I love the HOPR for many reasons- the silver, rolling meat carts, the artful way they dress the house salad, and the delicious, yet unfussy homestyle menu of meat and potatoes. Dining at the HOPR is a classic San Francisco experience. From the moment you walk into the resturant you are transported back to a time where diners dressed for dinner and dark wood paneling and heavy textiles was a symbol of luxury.

The House of Prime Rib opened in 1949 and soon after it made its movie debut in Rudolph Mate’s 1950 movie D.O.A. I’m guessing that not much has changed since D.O.A. premiered. The restaurant is decorated as an English manor and has many small dining rooms- a trend that was popular at the time of its opening- including a circular “library” with a peaked ceiling.

The House of Prime Rib is classic San Francisco. While their menu isn’t very vegetarian friendly everyone can enjoy a drink next to the fireplace, or at the bar.

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