Do You Have The Time?

by Katie Cook

Ingleside Terrace residents always know the time thanks to the giant sundial at the base of Entrada Court. The 26-foot tall sundial was constructed in 1913. It is made of concrete and granite and back in the day it was surrounded by manicured lawns and gardens. A reflecting pool and two bronze seal statues used to sit directly below the sundial, in the area that has long since been filled in with green concrete. The unveiling ceremony was held in the evening on October 10, 1913. Children danced around the four columns that surrounded the sundial and two giant storks pulled babies in buggies around the sundial. Around 1500 people attended the opening ceremony. The celebration was held shortly after the construction of the Twin Peaks tunnel was announced, making the Ingleside Heights neighborhood easily accessible to downtown.

The Urban Realty Improvement Company bought 148-acres of land, that was formerly the Ingleside Race Track, with the goal of building a residential community where the houses were at least 14-feet apart. The sundial sits directly in the middle of the old race track. Residents were guaranteed that there would never be any “laundries, livery stables, or saloons” to depreciate property values, and most homes had terraces with views of Lake Merced or the ocean. The neighborhood also came with a club house and lawn tennis courts for the residents to enjoy. ¬†Depending on the size, new homes in Ingleside Terrace sold for $6,000 – $20,000.

From sundials to UFOs, a little bit of everything can be found in Ingleside Heights.

A walk through the neighborhood now is still pleasant, but a lot less grand. The streets wind and circle, making it easy to get lost in this part of town. There are spectacular, large houses next to run-down and dilapidated houses. The grassy area around the sundial is much smaller now, but there are a few benches to sit on, and some flowers, so on a sunny day it is a great way to kill some time. I spotted the car in the photo during my walk around the neighborhood. I think it says a lot about this hidden neighborhood.

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