Moonlight Discoveries

by Katie Cook

We were greeted on the beach with a stunning view of the bridge. Photo by Sarah Jane via Photodune.

The stars were out, the fog stayed at bay, and the moon provided the light for our moonlight hike in the Presidio. We joined our guides at Rob Hill Campground and met our fellow hikers- four families with kids.  We let our eyes adjust while our guides gave us an overview of the hike and talked a little about animal adaptations.  We then made our way out of the campground, crossed Washington Ave. and slowly made our way down the sand ladder stairs to Baker Beach.

Walking down the sandy steps was a bit of a challenge in the moonlight. The darkness toyed with my depth perception, so I slowed my pace and took advantage of the view of the ocean in front of me. When we arrived at the beach we were greeted with a stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge glowing in the distance. We looked up at the stars while our guides pointed out the visible constellations and the Milky Way. The kids played a few games to demonstrate how nocturnal animals have adapted to the dark. The kids had fun playing on the beach as the adults looked on amused. We then made our way down the beach and we took the stairs that lead to the Connector Trail back to the top of the bluffs and finally back to the campground.

The Presidio has a full calendar of guided hikes, walks, and educational programs. You can also volunteer to help maintain the trails and the area’s native plants. To discover everything that’s happening in the Presidio and to sign up for events check out their calendar.

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