Warehouse Wine Tasting

by Katie Cook

Carl Sutton of Sutton Cellars at his winery in the Dogpatch.

Sutton Cellars is an urban winery in the Dogpatch. Large jugs of wine visible from the open warehouse door beckon you inside. Once inside, the winery offers $10 tastings of their small-batch, locally produced wines and vermouth.

Carl Sutton, the man behind the winery, usually staffs the tasting bar. He has a no nonsense approach to wine that I really appreciate. You won’t find elaborate descriptions of the wine’s subtle berry and floral flavors, and sometimes you won’t even know the type of grape used in the wine. Sutton Cellars’ table wine is sold in refillable jugs and the contents of the wine is a closely guarded secret. Sutton Cellars makes a variety of wine, but it’s the vermouth that always has me running back for more. During the tasting Carl taught me how to make the perfect vermouth cocktail with some seltzer water and a twist of lemon, and it has since become my go-to hostess drink.

Sutton Cellars is open to the public most weekends and you can also email them to make an appointment.  A visit to Sutton Cellars is the perfect afternoon activity after a late brunch at one of the great restaurants in the Dogpatch.

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